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What Do You Want Your Web Site To Do For You?

Before you hire anyone to build a web site, you really need to decide what you want your web site to do. Answering these four questions will help you make that determination.

1. Who do you want to visit your web site?

    Assuming that everyone with a computer and access to the internet will be interested in your site is probably a mistake. It's far better to have fewer people visit and make their experience the best it can be, than to try to be everything to everyone. Knowing who you want to attract will drive the content of your site; if your product or service appeals to a specific niche market, make sure you meet their expectations for content.

2. What do you want them to find out about you, once they are there?

    Ever sat and waited for a web page to load, only to discover there was nothing of value on it? Make sure that every page tells the person viewing it something they need to know. Eye-catching graphics and photos should accentuate your page, not bog it down so heavily that it can't load reasonably fast. When you answer question #1 you'll have a good idea of the speed of access to the internet that your clientele will have. If most are dialing in from home during the evening, go easy on the fat files (photos and graphics) and make the pages load faster. Your audience will appreciate it and they'll read your page.

    By the way, I'd like you to know that Internet 6 is the best value on the web for web site design, hosting, and maintenance. (We follow our own advice.)

3. Now that you have them, what do you want them to do?

    What's the call to action? Being perfectly honest, my goal is to get you to call 1-888-432-4357 and find out about setting up a web site. But if this is an inconvenient time to call, you can just send an email and ask us to call you.

4. Do you want them to come back? Why should they?

    OK, that's really 2 questions. If your site is selling a product or service you probably want repeat visitors. So give them a reason to return. It might be a quote of the day, tip of the week, or monthly schedule of special deals. But whatever reason you choose, be sure to keep it updated - there's nothing worse than old links that don't work.

If you've answered these questions and are ready to move ahead with web site design and construction, feel free to call or email us and see how we can help you.

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